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related to health and fitness
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Detox Foot Spa

By allen shawn at 2010-11-15 05:03:07
Take time out for a detox foot spa & other self-pampering items on your bliss list. Overworked, overextended and several pounds heavier? If post-holiday blues and a frantic back-to-work routine is weighing you down, why don't you step back a moment, listen to your body as it shouts for a little time to relax and re-balance itself. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa therapy and other detox delights. However, the Ion Detox Foot Spa does not require any medications including herbs to remove the t
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Atypical Depression

By allen shawn at 2010-11-15 04:54:58
Atypical is one subcategory of Depression. It has its own symptoms and its own treatments although they are similar to treatments for Typical Depression. We will compare the symptoms of Atypical Depression and Typical Depression and the treatments for Atypical Depression. Depression has many forms and one of them is called atypical depression. It is similar in some ways but differs in many as well. It can still completely interfere with a person's life but in different ways. If you have this con
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Neck Pain Causes

By allen shawn at 2010-11-13 00:46:38
Neck pain causes may vary, but one thing's for sure. It is bothersome and can be 'a pain in the neck', literally. Nobody can fully function and perform day-to-day tasks well with Neck-pain, however mild or severe it may be. Neck pain has many different causes, some involving our habits, our work environment, and even our diet. There are numerous ways in which chiropractic services can be employed to help alleviate neck pain. One of the most common methods used is that of gentle manipulation. Thi
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Bunion Treatment

By allen shawn at 2010-11-13 00:40:39
Bunions can be incredibly painful and they require some special care. Bunions are often hereditary but are also often caused by ill- fitting shoes. Once you suspect or know you have a bunion though it is time to get on and deal with it. Many doctors will quickly recommend surgery as the only answer, but this is not always necessary. There are other ways to deal with bunions besides surgery. There are three common feet types - high arched, flat footed or normal. The wet footprint decides in which
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Hormone Imbalance Causes

By allen shawn at 2010-11-12 00:58:41
Hormones regulate the brain functioning, cell metabolism and reproduction process in a woman's body. Hormonal balance is therefore essential and any chronic imbalance may create a number of problems for women. This imbalance may cause a fragile immune system, faster aging and innumerable diseases. One of the many times you can see hormonal imbalance causing loss of hair is after having a baby. A woman's hormones get out of balance during pregnancy. However, a woman is secreting hormones that hel
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